Medals again for DĂĽbendorfer and Graf

Last weekend at the Austrian Open in Vienna Esther DĂĽbendorfer and Arno Graf brought home further medals from the Women B and Mixed Doubles B category. The same players – silver and bronze again! The only difference is that DĂĽbendorfer reached the final in singles this time but not in mixed doubles. It has only been the 2nd time the successful pair played together and it's all known: All good things come in threes! :-)

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Aktuelle Rankings (1. Mai 2018)

Herren Einzel
1. Patrick Lorenz
2. Benjamin Gränicher
3. Christian Schäfer
4. Cédric Junillon (↑
5. Michael Strässle (↓)
6. Nico Hobi (↑)
7. AndrĂ© Bandi (↓)
8. Olaf Huber (↓)
9. Thomas Wegmann (↑)
10. Maguns Ekstrand (↓)

Damen Einzel
1. Nicole Eisler
2. Adeline Kilchenmann
3. Esther DĂĽbendorfer

Junioren U18
1. Yannic Andrey
2. Léon Mamié
3. Leonard Ladner

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Veranstaltungskalender 2018

Veranstaltungskalender 2018

Veranstaltungskalender 2018 2 n