kom igen nu!

Only three Swiss players amongst around 99% of Swedish players participated in the Spring Open in Gothenburg last weekend. That’s why we could here far more “kom igen nu“ calls than “come on!“

Rookie Graham King just missed a bronze medal in the +45 category (like at the Tallinn Open two weeks ago) and ended fourth but proved himself to be back on track!

With Andreas Neuweiller we had another card up our sleeve: He won bronze together with his German partner Jörg Kanonenberg in the Men’s B Doubles draw.

In the country of racketlon’s birthplace badminton player Dustin Madadumpidi played his first ever racketlon tournament and he had a lof of fun on court and off court! 

swiss delegation swedish open

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* Schweizer Meisterschaften 2017

Bei den Schweizer Meisterschaften werden dieses Jahr neu verschiedene Stärkeklassen gespielt. Die Einteilung in die Kategorien A, B und C erfolgt gemäss Swiss Racketlon Ranking vom 1. Juni 2017.

Weitere Events

.  26   Racketlon Trainingssession
.. . mai      Anmeldung direkt beim Center

.  23   Racketlon Swiss Open 2017
.. . jun      mehr unter racketlonswissopen.ch

.  24   RSO First-Timer Event
. .. jun      mehr unter racketlonswissopen.ch

.   1     Racketlon Challenge Sihlsports
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Racketlon Swiss Open 2017

Racketlon Swiss Open 2017
(23. bis 25. Juni 2017)

RSO 2017 First-Timer Event
(24. Juni 2017)

RSO 2017 Front

SRF-Ranking 1. Juni 2017 (Herren)

1. Patrick Lorenz
2. Olaf Huber
3. Christian Schäfer
4. Benjamin Hampl

5. Nico Hobi
6. Cédric Junillon
7. Michael Strässle

8. André Bandi
9. Claude Näscher
10. Thomas Wegmann

SRF-Ranking 1. Juni 2017 (Damen)

1. Nicole Eisler
2. Adeline Kilchenmann

3. Esther Dübendorfer
4. Sara Guebey
5. Dara Ladner

Kalender Januar - Juni 2017

Veranstaltungskalender 2017 1

Kalender Juli - Dezember 2017

Veranstaltungskalender 2017 2