Of Bollywood and Broken Rackets

A World Championship (Team & Singles) would not be one if they were not people from all over the world competing. Everyone’s favorites this year were the two teams from India. Not only on the court they showed the Europeans their Racketlon skills by winning the Challenge Cup (3rd division), but also on the dance floor. But first things first.


Switzerland is also never to be underestimated. Especially when it comes to our strong +40 team with Esther Dübendorfer, Magnus Ekstrand, Nico Hobi, Raphael Paglia and Roli Schmid. They unfortunately couldn’t bring home the title this year as Germany was incredibly strong.


Although beating the French team, our youngsters U21 with Dara Ladner, Yannick Andrey and Leonard Ladner ended up 3rd in their group of three. This is why they couldn’t fight for a medal. Winning a medal would have been clearly well deserved.


Switzerland 1 and 2 were facing almost the same destiny. Both teams ended third in their group and became 6th in their divisions. By winning against the Czech team thanks to a great performance and team effort, Switzerland 1 with Nicole Eisler, Benjamin Gränicher, Cyril Hohl, Nicolas Lenggenhager and Oliver Bühler secured their position in the top division (World Cup) with the top 8 countries in the world.


Fighting for Switzerland 2 were Tanja Onlin, Emilie Roux, Patrick Bürgi, Marcel Fässler, Valentin Henin, Graham King and Philipp Peter.


The big Swiss individual winners of this weekend are names you might have heard before when it comes to winning medals. Esther Dübendorfer is clearly a class of her own in the Women +45 and anything but defending her title would have been a big surprise. Nevertheless, very well played and congratulations.


Yannick Andrey and Graham King had much closer matches along their way to become World Champions in Men U18 and Men +65. Andrey played an incredible tournament by beating Luke Griffiths (who won gold in the Elite with team GB) in round 2 and Matthew Davidson in the final. And Graham King finally won against the other Graham (Cain) from Denmark by only 6 points, only ripping apart one shirt on the way! ;-)


Philipp Peter and Nico Hobi also fought hard in the final of Men C and Men +40. Unfortunately, they but lost the match, but who doesn’t want to become vice World Champion?


Or winning a bronze medal? Magnus Ekstrand won his 2nd medal of the weekend in the Men +45.


What about our elite players? Nicole Eisler had to face her doubles partner in the 1st round. Although she beat her the day before in the team match she couldn’t win it in the singles competition, but the potential would clearly be there.


With Oliver Bühler, Benjamin Gränicher, Nicolas Lenggenhager and Christian Schäfer Switzerland had 4 men competing in the elite draw, where Schäfer made it to the Quarters! Moreover, all the 4 won at least one match!


Switzerland had also some promising newcomers on sight. Some with special double handed backhand skills in TT and others thought that broken glass brings luck in their game... Hopefully, we’ll see you back on court soon again.


Next to an unlucky car driver with a broken window because of Leipzigs burglers, Valentin Henin sacrificed his squash racket for team 1. A mishit boast from the player "He Who Must Not Be Named" made his racket break into 2 pieces.


Rumors say that there were also highlights offcourt. After the players dinner some brave players from all over the world relaxed their muscles to a beat of the music. Especially, when the DJ played some Indian songs. After a quick demonstration of the eastern skills, the Europeans tried it as well. The sceen on the dancefloor when people from all the different nations dance together and sing together shows best that Racketlon is more than just a sport. It brings people together. 


A short clip – (un)fortunately not from the dancing – is on Instagram. Thank you for following us on Instagram and Facebook.


Nicole Eisler

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