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For the last time the Swiss Open was held at the Vitis in Schlieren and there was a lot of sweating.

The team of volunteers around Esther and Florian Dübendorfer had already set up the table tennis courts on Thursday and hoisted the 11 flags of the different countries of origin of all players. Thanks already at this point for the professional set up once again.

On Friday the tournament started with the doubles categories and our Swiss players were often seen on the podium. The first medals were awarded in the women's doubles A and there was a well-known Swiss player on the top of the podium. In a thrilling final Nicole Eisler and Stine Jacobsen from Denmark won against the top seed Enmer/Olsacher.

Also in the men's doubles A there was a Swiss on the podium. Nicolas Lenggenhager formed a team with Damien Andre from France. Unfortunately, they were defeated in the final by the German duo Plettenberg/Rademacher.

In the mixed, the two Swiss doubles medalists then met in the bronze medal match. Eisler - for the 1st time - with Noah Mamié got the better start; however, Lenggenhager together with Mirjam Enmer (FRA) were able to shift gears towards the end of the squash match and still turn the match in their favor.

Other Swiss doubles medals went to:


  • Victoria Dübendorfer (Women B und Mixed C)
  • Esther Dübendorfer (Mixed B)
  • Bruno Scherrer (Mixed C)
  • Frederik Floether (Men B)
  • Andreas Kotala (Men C/D)
  • Lucas Mateo Moreno (Men C/D)
  • Noah Lehmann (First Timers)


  • Esther Dübendorfer (Women B)
  • Julietta Dübendorfer (Women B)
  • Dara Ladner (Mixed B)
  • Claire Musso (Mixed C)
  • Jonathan Peter (First Timer)
  • Robin Peter (First Timer)


  • Léon Mamié (Men B)
  • Julien Meister (Men B)
  • Mara Senn (Mixed C)
  • Denis Bernhard (Mixed C)
  • Marc-André Rauber (Men C/D)
  • Chris Stäubli (Men C/D)
  • Julia Biller (First Timer)
  • Moritz Hausweiler (First Timer)

Also in the singles, many Swiss players could once again use the home advantage and showed tough fights. In the men's A competition, the draw was so unlucky that all 5 Swiss players in the top half of the tableau met sooner or later, provided they were not stopped beforehand by the eventual winner Martin Sopko from the Czech Republic. Oliver Bühler made it to the semi-finals as the most successful Swiss player. However, his opponent had to give up the match for 3rd place already before the match.

In the women's A/B competition, unfortunately none of the 3 players made it to the 2nd round. For the first time, the up-and-coming talent from France Myriam Enmer won.

Frederik Floether already showed in the doubles that he is in top form and so he also played his way into the final in the men's B singles. With last forces and only one point advantage he could secure a second gold medal.

Also with only one point advantage (Gummiarm) another Swiss could be crowned the winner in the men's C competition: Pablo Jakobcic kept his nerves until the end! Third place went to table tennis specialist Denis Bernhard.

The men's +40 competition continued with close matches. Christian Schäfer and Nico Hobi also separated in the semifinals with only one point difference. Unfortunately, Hobi was not able to win the final against Sopko (also winner men's A). However, Schäfer secured the 3rd place in the small final.

The pool of 5 players in men's D was purely Swiss. Simon Wachter won in front of the great talent Andreas Kotala and Andreas Stoss. Kotala also secured gold in the Junior U16. Silver went to the other young Swiss talent Lucas Moreno.

New names on the podium in the First Timers' category: 1st Lucas Wild, 2nd Dominik Sonderegger and 3rd Jonathan Frei. Hopefully you will read these names again in connection with medals in the future.

Finally, one more medal may be celebrated in particular: Esther Dübendorfer had to play only 9 points of tennis in the whole tournament for her victory in the Women Seniors +50. This besides the whole tournament organization! THANK YOU.

Congratulations to all winners!



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