IWT Nordic Racket Games

A small Swiss delegation made its way to Holbaek to participate in the Nordic Racket Games held for the first time in those facilities. The brand-new facilities provided excellent playing conditions in all four sports.
As usual the tournament started out on Friday with the start of all the doubles categories. Two different Seniors doubles draws were played, and both ended up with a Swiss bronze medal. In the 55+ doubles Manfred Grab, grabbed the bronze medal with his partner Antonio Zeoli, whereas in the 45+ doubles Graham King managed to win bronze with Julian Clapp. In the men’s B doubles Swiss TT ace Nicolas Champod was successful and claimed the title with his French partner.
In the Elite categories the Swiss-US combinations prove themselves to be silver combinations. Nicolas Lenggenhager pairing up with the Stephanie Chung, they seemed to have no issues at all reaching the final of the Mixed A. In that final they had a very impressive start with winning the first two sport. However, in the end it was unfortunately not quite enough of a head start to walk away with the gold medal. Stephanie Chung paired up with another Swiss player, Dara Ladner, for the Women’s A doubles. The pair reached second place, in a draw consisting out of 5 pairs, which was played in a round robin format.
In the singles categories no medals were won for Switzerland but it still is important to highlight Nicolas Lenggenhager getting 4th place in a strong A draw. Natalie Vogel, a player that maybe not plays under the Swiss flag but is often seen on the Swiss tour, had a stellar weekend. With her two different partners she managed to win the women’s and the mixed doubles and then she continued with the winning performance to also grab the women’s singles title, making it a spotless weekend for her.

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1. Nicole Eisler
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