Knock on Wood in Riga

One of the main export goods from Latvia is wood. Despite only three players from Switzerland showing up, they helped boast those export numbers by bringing home quite a lot of wooden medals and trophies from the latvian IWT tournament.

Nicole Eisler paired up with Kirsten Kaptein from the Netherlands with quite some success. Escaping a loss against Jennifer Schmitz and Zuzana by a narrow margin of two points lead to winning silver in the women elite doubles. Maybe the escape room experience on Thursday evening provided some help there.

Not being fazed by the confusion in the sign up process for the tournament where his original partner pulled out 30 minutes before the entry deadline, Benjamin Hampl and last minute partner Leon Griffiths blazed through the tournament. Despite not winning any set of table tennis, which by the way feels very strange to the author, they were usually already quite comfortably ahead after badminton. In the end none of their opponents could recoup the points necessary leading to the second Swiss IWT doubles title in a row.

In singles Eisler fought valiantly against the triple winner Amke Fischer in the semi finals but in the end had to congratulate the tall German to a well played match. The Sunday morning match, with a little bit less sleep than usual, went her way to secure another podium in her long lasting, very successful career.

Beni not being seeded as world no. 8 pointed to the field of strong players. But being quite lucky Beni did not have to beat a top ten player until the semifinals. After telling everyone who wanted to hear that the world no. 4 Morten Jaksland is bad profile and a better player, he went on playing the match of his life to reach the finals. There his luck run out getting a severe beating in squash from Michi Dickert to finish second place.

Birthday child Graham King for once had no metal, or wood in that case, to bring home. This was not owed to his play but more to the fact that he had to leave early due to some personal matters that needed attending. 

Benjamin Hampl

Triple for Patrick Lorenz

Report from The Racketlon Swiss Open is history. Last weekend (23rd to 25th June) the players fought in 263 matches for the medals. The great winners are Patrick Lorenz taking the title for the hosting country Switzerland and German Astrid Reimer-Kern. Congratulations. All results are now online on and pictures on

In the women's final Astrid Reimer-Kern won 9 points ahead over top seeded Nicole Eisler from Switzerland and secured her first Swiss Open title. Also the men Elite got a first time Swiss Open Champ. The final was pretty close and Patrick Lorenz won with only one point  over (also) top seeded Kresten Hougaard. Lorenz therewith won his first IWT title. The third place went to French Cédric Junillon with a victory over Emanuel Schöpf from Autria.

Men B´s winner is Luka Penttinen from Finland who also won the Juniors U21 category. In Men C, D and E as well as in Women B and C all gold medals went to the hosting country with Mirco Lareida, Marc Fust, Stefan Goll, Adeline Kilchenmann and Gina Bärlocher taking the titles.

With Esther Dübendorfer winning the Women +40 category also one of the senior titles went to Switzerland. The Seniors +40 was won by German Joachim Gersdorf and +45 by Peter Sákovics from Hungary.

In the double categories Patrick Lorenz stood on the top of the podium for another two times. He won the Men A double with Michael Strässle and the Mixed A with Nicole Eisler, both also from Switzerland. Also Nicole Eisler could take another title by winning the Women´s double with Dara Ladner.

We hope all of you enjoyed your time in Zurich!

Esther Dübendorfer
Tournament Director

«Ich mag Konstanz im Leben»

Nicole Eisler und Patrick Lorenz heissen die neuen Swiss Champions der Elite. Die Serienmeisterin Eisler erklärte ihren Erfolg kurz und bündig: «Ich mag Konstanz in meinem Leben.» :-) Ihre Gegnerinnen bekamen dies schmerzlich zu spüren beziehungsweise mussten jeweils schon nach dem Squash das Spielfeld verlassen. Deutlich knapper fiel dagegen der Kampf um Rang zwei aus. Stephanie Caviezel sicherte sich in ihrem zweiten Turnier nach der Babypause die Silbermedaille und zeigte, dass sie schon wieder nahe an ihrer alten Form ist. Die Bronzemedaille ging an die Ostschweizerin Tanja Omlin. 

Bei den Herren dominierte Patrick Lorenz beinahe ebenso klar wie Eisler. Die Lockerheit bei seinen Siegen vermittelte den Eindruck, dass er noch Luft nach oben hat. Ein erfolgreiches und zugleich erstaunliches Comeback auf der Tour feierte Olaf Huber, der nach einjähriger Pause gleich in den Final und zur Silbermedaille vorstiess. Dies vor allem dank einem erfolgreichen Gummiarm im Halbfinal gegen Benjamin Hampl, der sich dafür mit der Bronzemedaille trösten durfte.

Bei den Jungsenioren ging der Sieg zum ersten Mal an den topgesetzten Beat Ladner. Eine starke Leistung zeigte auch Adrian Waldis, die mit der Silbermedaille belohnt wurde. Altmeister Graham King ergänzte seine Trophäensammlung um Bronze. Einen Favoritensieg gab es ebenso bei den Amateuren, wo sich im Final Stefan Imhof gegen Kai Verkuehlen durchsetzte. Die Bronzemedaille liess sich Marcel Fässler umhängen. Den Junioren-Titel U18 sicherte sich Favorit Yannic Andrey gegen Leon Mamié. Im Final der Junioren U15 schlug Leonard Ladner den Newcomer Dylan Jaeggi.

Aus Vereinssicht durfte sich Racketlon Uetikon besonders über die Resultate an den Einzel-Schweizermeisterschaften freuen mit insgesamt vier Goldmedaillen (Imhof, Andrey, 2x Ladner). Die wichtigsten Titel gingen jedoch an 4 Rackets Rhine Valley (Eisler) und an die Freunde freundlicher Feuerrackets (Lorenz).

Herzliche Gratulation allen Siegern, den Medaillengewinnern und überhaupt allen Teilnehmern, die den Mut hatten, sich mit den Besten zu messen.


Beat Ladner


sm 2017 siegerehrungen internet 12 von 17

Damen (v.l.n.r. Caviezel, Eisler, Omlin)


sm 2017 siegerehrungen internet 15 von 17

Herren (v.l.n.r. Huber, Lorenz, Hampl)


sm 2017 siegerehrungen internet 2 von 17

Junioren U15 (v.l.n.r. Jaeggi, Ladner)


sm 2017 siegerehrungen internet 4 von 17

Junioren U18 (v.l.n.r. Andrey, Mamié)


sm 2017 siegerehrungen internet 10 von 17

Jungsenioren (v.l.n.r. Waldis, Ladner, King)


sm 2017 siegerehrungen internet 16 von 17

Herren B (v.l.n.r. Verkuehlen, Imhof, Fässler)


Don’t burn your fingers!

Already on their way to sunny Belgium to the legendary King of Rackets last weekend a Swiss player who don’t want to be named burnt his fingers on his coffee. An omen that it’s going to be hot in Oudenaarde and that players from other countries shouldn’t mess with the Swiss!

Especially, Esther Dübendorfer was on fire by winning 4 medals!!! She won in the women +40 (first time victory over Anita Voelkel), +45 (first time victory over Jo Shelley) and also in Women B Doubles pairing up with singles opponent Voelkel. And as if 3 golden medal were not enough, she also won bronze with Ulrich Schlepphorst in Mixed B Doubles.

Another gold medal was won by Julien Ming and Andrea Bellino in Men D/E doubles and bronze in the same category by Michel Gasser with his French partner Wilfred Leguay-Barrault.

Nicole Eisler and Margaux Ranjbar were another successfull Swiss-French pair. They won the bronze medal as well in the Women Doubles category.

And I’m sure that Marcel Fässler and Patrick Lorenz would have won bronze as well if they didn’t have to cancel their small final match due to an early flight.

Fortunately, as the Swiss delegation was quite big (as always at one of the best tournaments of the year), I don’t write about every single player. I just would like to mention that some of them were also quite on fire to hit the dancefloor! ;-) I even dare to say that it was absolutely world! J

kor swiss delegation

(The Swiss delegation)

It was obvious that they had to cool down from time to time with a delicous Belgium beer! ;-)

Nicole Eisler


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1. Yannic Andrey
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