2nd IWT Latvian Open

latvian open

Already at the arrival the players could feel the Latvian hospitality at the Enri Tenisa Club in Riga. The organizers were very welcoming and the organisation perfect, so all the players could fully focus on their matches (or/and to get to know the Baltic spirit).

Even though there were only 5 Swiss players taking part in this highly recommended tournament they brought home 3 medals!

Nicole Eisler managed to reach the finals of the Women Elite draw by having taken revenge on Natalie Paul in the semis to whom she had lost at the Swiss Open. Izzy Tyrrell was a number too big and celebrated a great comeback after many surgeries due to her several injuries. But Eisler was happy with silver and made a great performance, especially in squash.

She almost won another silver medal. Together with the Swede Anna-Klara Ahlmer, they were only missing one point against Natalie Paul/Lieselot De Bleeckere in the semis. With winning bronze they proved that this new pair is ready for the doubles World Champs at the end of this month.

The third medal was won by Roland Schmid. In the finals of the Men’s B competition he unfortunately lost to Tobias Daneels from Belgium. His final was a bit of a roller-coaster ride with several ups and downs in all of the sports, but after three closely contested sports, he had to finally admit defeat in tennis, just a few points missing for gold.

Graham King, playing 10 years below his age category, missed the bronze medal in the +50’s to the Russian badminton specialist, who is now living in Geneva, and will be joining the Swiss circuit later. Playing 20 years below in the +40’s was simply a bit too hard, losing to the 3-times Polish seniors champion in the first round, in which his shirt was ripped open in Clark Kent/Superman style!

Lukas Spring and Christian Schäfer had a tough draw against the local matador (gummi-arm!) and rising English stars in the Men’s Elite. Anyway, they could win a few matches in the draw.

Conclusion: Great tournament, great people, great city. And the Latvians have already requested another IWT for next year, so anyone who missed out this year should try to include this one in their 2017 agenda, if they want to experience Racketlon at its best!

Formtest vor Swiss Open

An der Night Tour im Bluepoint Uster unterzogen sich Spielerinnen und Spieler den letzten Test vor dem internationalen Turnier in Schlieren. Am eindrücklichsten gelang dies Olaf Huber bei den Herren A. Er liess weder in der Round Robin Vorrunde, noch im Finale gegen Claude Näscher was anbrennen, obwohl sich Näscher in seinem wohl ersten A-Finale sehr gut gewehrt hat. Dritter wurde der von weit her gereiste Nicolas Lenggenhager.

Bei den Herren B war gegen Philipp Peter nichts auszurichten. Top konzentriert und motiviert wie immer spielte er sich souverän durchs Tableau. Im Finale musste er nur eine Tischtennislektion von Roli Langhart über sich ergehen lassen. Im Spiel um Platz 3 glich der Tennismatch dann jedoch eher einem Kriminalroman: Nicole Eisler brauchte gegen Marcel Fässler noch 12 Punkte. Lag sie noch mit 1:8 hinten, konnte sie die Aufholjagd noch rechtzeitig starten, mit etwas Netzrollerglück das Ding noch drehen und sich somit den Podestplatz sichern.

Bei den Herren C stand einer der ganz jungen zuoberst auf dem Podest und lässt für die Zukunft hoffen. Noah Mamié ist nicht nur ein Top-Tischtennis Spieler und gut in den andern Sportarten, sondern beweist bereits jetzt schon, dass er nervenstark. Sowohl im Halbfinale als auch Finale gegen Strzepka Zbigniev wurde es äusserst eng; hatte aber am Ende die Nase zweimal mit bloss 2 Punkten vorne. Dritter wurde Martin Zängeler vor David Ilbrink.

Gratulation allen für diese tolle Leistung. An dieser Stelle soll aber auch noch die Leistung von Emilie Roux und Dara Ladner. Sie kämpften tapfer bei den Herren C mit und erspielten sich sogar die guten Ränge 7 und 9!

Noch eine kleine Bemerkung zu den Racketlon Spielerinnen und Spieler: Was machten die wohl während des Fussballmatches Schweiz – Albanien? Richtig, sich der Energiezufuhr widmen, Wiederholung des Tors anschauen und dann gleich wieder ein Racket schnappen und Plauschmatches spielen! ;-) Wenn das mal nicht echte Leidenschaft ist! Na gut, einige haben sich das Spiel schon von A bis Z angeschaut...

Ein grosses Dankeschön mal wieder an Ladina Ladner für die perfekte Durchführung des Turniers!


Danish nightmare

Last weekend in Belgium at the 25th King of Rackets, Patrick Lorenz and Benjamin Hampl destroyed the number one seeded Morten Jaksland and Kresten Hougaard’s hope of winning the Men A Elite Doubles. In a thrilling match, our underestimated, amazing Swiss won the gummiarm point in the semis! This led to a broken racket of the Danish Dynamite and the unexpected Swiss silver medal!

Hampl – the Dane killer ;) – also proved himself to be worthy of what’s written on paper. Our new international top ten player beat English Ray ‚Balou’ Jordan in the first round and then, after losing his second round match against rising star and ex-PSA player Dan Busby (UK) by a handful of points, went on to defeat Will Coley (another Brit!) in the consolation match to finish 7th.

Patrick Lorenz was a bit unlucky with the Men B draw, as his first round match was against 2012 Seniors World Champion Adolphe Fernandez-Diez from Belgium, who proved far too hot to handle for all of his opponents, easily winning gold. However, after his early exit, Lorenz lost no more, demonstrating he will soon be playing at Men Elite level. To compensate for this disappointment, he had another chance in Mixed B Doubles and took it! Together with Esther Dübendorfer he won bronze, only missing the finals by a whisker!

Only one medal wasn’t enough for Esther Dübendorfer - she also won silver in +45, after beating all of her opponents apart from the World No. 3 Barbara Capper!!!

Another bronze was won  in the Seniors +45 Doubles by our reliable medal winner Graham King (of Rackets) with Dany Lessard who came all the way from Canada. His Seniors singles events were less successful, also falling victim to Adolphe Fernandez-Diez in the +45, and to ex Russian national badminton player Maxim Levitim in the +50.

Our other elite player (Women A), Nicole Eisler, proved that she is still getting stronger. She had to face World No. 3 Amke Fischer in the quarters and in a closely contested match got her best result against her to date, only losing towards the end of tennis.

Together with Hampl she tested her mixed doubles skills! They were only outgunned by Seehofer/Windischberger from Austria, showing they are ready for the Doubles World Championships in Copenhagen this summer.

In Men C, Patrick Bürgi also exited in the first round, after narrowly losing, despite a very strong start in table tennis, by a mere 4 points against the experienced Erik Roelofsen from Holland.

The luck of the Irish wasn’t quite with Susan Rutschmann, who dropped in for a day while “in transit”. After being paired off in Mixed B Doubles with her partner from Limerick, she had to be content with having a lot of fun, instead of going home with any silverware.

Even though the weather wasn’t as nice as we normally come to expect at King of Rackets, it was another successful Racketlon weekend in Oudenaarde. As always, very well organised, experienced and friendly staff, professional squash referees and a great atmosphere! Definitively worth going again next year!

Swiss Open Vorbereitungsturnier in Uster

Einem letzten Formtest für das 10. Racketlon Swiss Open können sich die Racketlonspielerinnen und -spieler auch in diesem Jahr im Blue Point in Uster (Samstag, 11. Juni 2016) unterziehen. Bitte beachtet, dass das Turnier bereits um 12.30 Uhr beginnt, damit genügend Pausen eingeplant werden können, so dass jede Teilnehmerin und jeder Teilnehmer Teile des EM-Spiels Schweiz-Albanien live mitverfolgen kann.

Zur Anmeldung geht es hier.


SRF-Ranking 1. April 2017 (Herren)

1. Patrick Lorenz
2. Christian Schäfer
3. Benjamin Hampl
4. Nico Hobi

5. Olaf Huber
6. Michael Strässle
7. Cédric Junillon

8. Lukas Spring
9. Thomas Wegmann
10. André Bandi

SRF-Ranking 1. April 2017 (Damen)

1. Nicole Eisler
2. Adeline Kilchenmann

3. Dara Ladner
4. Sara Guebey
5. Esther Dübendorfer

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