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And where are the World Champions in Women +45 mentioned? 

Here, in an extra report! ;-) Esther DĂĽbendorfer together with Izzy Bramhall (GB) were unstoppable in this category! With a solid victory over the silver medal winners from England (Dianne Baker and Jo Shelly) our Swiss/English pair took home the title. Congratulations for this impressive performance!

doubles wc 45


Nicole Eisler

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Aktuelle Rankings (1. September 2018)

Herren Einzel
1. Benjamin Gränicher
2. CĂ©dric Junillon
3. Patrick Lorenz
4. Nico Hobi
5. Christian Schäfer
6. André Bandi
7. Olaf Huber
8. Thomas Wegmann
9. Magnus Ekstrand
10. Michael Strässle

Damen Einzel
1. Nicole Eisler
2. Esther DĂĽbendorfer
3. Corina Christener

Junioren U18
1. Yannic Andrey
2. Léon Mamié
3. Leonard Ladner

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Veranstaltungskalender 2018

Veranstaltungskalender 2018

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