Racketlon World Championships

29 categories – 7 (half) Swiss titles – 20 (half) Swiss medals

An amazing event is in the past: Sihlsports in Langnau offered over 250 players a great venue. Even though it was a bit full with all these players from around the world, the playing conditions were perfect to fight for the trophies of desire. Esther Dübendorfer and her team did a superb job to host this international highlight of the year in Switzerland.

But not only that, Dübendorfer was even able to crown herself and win the world championships of the Women Seniors +45. So did André Bandi in the Men Seniors +45 and Cédric Junillon (RC Léman) in the Men Seniors +40. 

Also the Swiss youngsters could win the most important titles of the U21. Linda Rohrer who made her racketlon comeback with the team Go4Four in the team cup was able to win all of her matches against the experienced players from Austria. Yannic Andrey is also a level of his own in the Boys category!

Switzerland celebrated also 2 titles in the amateur classes. Fabienne Dony from Zug (Rapid Luzern) won the Women B event and Pascal Nicholls the Men F event.

Who has won all the other medals and made it to the podium?

Have a look at fir.tournamentsoftware to check out all the results. Congratulations to everyone!

How did our elite players do?

In the Women Elite Switzerland had 4 players in the draw of 16 for the first time. Tennis specialist Michelle Fux and Swiss Number 1 Nicole Eisler made it through the first round with their solid performances. After 2 losses in the next hard battles they faced each other in the match for rank 7. Eisler then proved to be unbeaten for more than a decade back home. Adeline Kilchemann was also able to celebrate 2 victories in the elite competition finishing 11th and Dara Ladner won 1 match finishing 14th. Congratulations for these big achievments!

With 3 Swiss players in the Men Elite draw, Nicolas Lenggenhager was the one making it through the first round finishing 11th in the end. Oliver Bühler was a bit unlucky with facing later semifinalist Luke Griffith in the first round. Afterwards, Bühler won all his consolation matches. Yannic Andrey, on the other hand, tried to gather all his power left after having played the Juniors category already. Needless to say that the elite matches are very demanding, it was very hard for him to be fresh again. Nevertheless, he won his last consolation match! Congratulations for these achievments as well!

Last but not least: Tele Z was on location and followed the match between Nicole Eisler and former World Champion Nathalie Vogel Zeoli. Check out the TV report!

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Aktuelle Rankings (1. Januar 2024)

Herren Einzel
1. Christian Schäfer
2. Oliver Bühler
3. Cédric Junillon
4. Noah Mamié
5. Nicolas Lenggenhager
6. Nico Hobi
7. Léon Mamié
8. Yannic Andrey
9. André Bandi
10. Cyril Hohl

Damen Einzel
1. Nathalie Vogel
2. Nicole Eisler
3. Adeline Kilchenmann
4. Fabienne Dony
5. Gaëlle Wavre

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