IWT RSL Finnish Open

5 Swiss players took the long way to the far north and hunted not reindeer but beautiful birch leave medals. Successfully.

With the most medals around her neck Nicole Eisler traveled back from Helsinki. She managed a perfect start in table tennis and badminton against the young finnish squash talent Viivi Paksu after the semi-final defeat in the women's A and secured bronze with 13 points won in squash. Eisler could certainly already get used to the good Finnish court conditions in doubles (with her first-time partner Stephanie Chung, US) and in mixed together with Nicolas Lenggenhager. 2x silver was the result.

The swiss mixed duo didn't really get going in the final. Of course, it was also no advantage that Lenggenhager had fought in a tough match against squash pro Henrik Mustonen just a few minutes before for a place in the semifinals in Men A. Unfortunately unsuccessfully. He found neither in squash nor in tennis a recipe to score many points. In the end it was enough for rank 7 in this strong tableau. In doubles Lenggenhager reached rank 6 together with René Lindberg, SWE.

Graham King also competed in 3 categories and was on the podium 2 times. Together with Ersoy Korer from Turkey he won silver in the men's doubles B. In the men's singles +60 he doubled with a silver medal. After successfully winning his group without ever having had the tennis racket in his hands, King was only defeated by Thomas Ostenfeld Larson from Denmark.

Then there was our junior Andreas Kotala. He competed in 2 categories. Men B he could use to get used to the playing conditions for the Juniors U21. Unfortunately, the U16 category was not played and so it was for the 14 year old to test against the older ones. Thereby he missed the podium only by a hair. Only by one point. Fortunately, Kotala has a few more years to compete in the U21 and hopefully win.

Many thanks to the finish organization team around Poku Salo. The tournament ran smoothly, the playing conditions were good and with the fast fall to weekend was also provided for the right Nordic atmosphere next to the court.

Also a big thanks to the new social media boss Sanne Veldkamp. The tournament was excitingly documented and presented on the social media channels of the FIR.



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