There is no rösti barrier in Belgium

A hand full of German speaking Swiss and a hand full of French speaking Swiss went to belgium to fight together for Helvetian Doubles World Championships and King of Rackets medals. They even tried to speak to each other and improve their language skills. The longer the day, the easier it got and rumors say that they even had a delicious Belgium beer together on behalf of the rösti barrier.


Some could even raise their glass and celebrate a medal or even crown themselves World Champion or vice World Champion!!! What a big achievement!


WORLD CHAMPION! WD +40 Esther DĂĽbendorfer with Stine Jacobsen (DEN)
WORLD CHAMPION! WD B Esther DĂĽbendorfer with Anita Völkl (GER)
VICE WORLD CHAMPION! WD A Nicole Eisler with Zuzana Severinová (CZE)
VICE WORLD CHAMPION! MD A CĂ©dric Junillon with Arnaud Genin (FRA)
BRONZE! +40 Esther DĂĽbendorfer with Thomas Larson (DEN)


GOLD! Men C Cyril Hohl 

SILVER! Women +45 Esther DĂĽbendorfer


If the players were not as sucessful on court as they wished they could focus on their language skills as mentioned before. The author itself learned that ending 4th is much better in the french speaking part of Switzerland. Whereas in the German speaking part you win a „leather medal“ you can win a „chocolate medal“ in the french speaking part. So Graham could be happy in the end having won two chocolate medals. Enjoy. Especially if they are Belgium chocolate ones.


On the other hand, playing consolation matches makes more fun in the German speaking part. Winning golden pinapples is far more delicious than winning little cigarettes. Which one did you choose, Emilie Roux, Susan Rutschmann, Mounir Benheddi, Patrick BĂĽrgi, Daniel Kurmann, Nicolas Lenggenhager and Graham King? Next time it will be chocolate or a shiny one! 


Check out some videos and photos from Oudenaarde on Facebook and Instagram.


And don’t forget to sign up for the next international tournament – the legendary RACKETLON SWISS OPEN 21 – 23 June in Schlieren! Let’s win some medals and improve your language skills! ;-)



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