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With 21 medals Switzerland was the 2nd most successful country after Great Britain when it comes to the amount of trophies won. The Swiss Racketlon Federation is proud of all these impressive achievements, which show the great potential in Switzerland.


 medal table

(Medal tabel by Dan Busby)


Five World Champion singles titles were won by Lina Strässle (U13) and Rachel Xu (U16) – our youngest players – Esther Dübendorfer (O45), Corina Christener (C), Roland Schmid (C) and Bruno Scherrer (E).

Title number 6 was won by our O40 Team with Esther Dübendorfer, Andre Bandi, Magnus Ekstrand, Raphael Paglia and Roland Schmid. They clearly dominated their category.


Who won all the other medals? For all results (Teams & Singles), please check the fir.tournamentsoftware website.


When it comes to the elite classes, Austria was clearly the strongest country winning the team competiton, Women Singles (Christine Seehofer) and ending 2nd in the Men Singles (Lukas Windischberger). The Swiss elite players managed to stay in the Championship Division with victories over Czech Republic and France.

In the elite singles draws Beni Gränicher reached his first ever world champs quarter-finals, finishing 5th, and Nicole Eisler finshed 7th after also having reached the quarters.

The atmosphere in this amazing venue was fantastic. Nearly 500 players from all over the wolrd took part in this sports festival which would not have been possible without Esther and Florian Dübendorfer. The organising couple with their team worked hard to make this 16th FIR World Championships an unforgettable event. A big thank you from the Swiss Racketlon Federation. Great job!


View here the photos taken by René Zwald! 


Nicole Eisler

Dominante Sieger in Uster

Vier von fünf Turniersieger mussten in Uster den Tennisschläger nie oder nur für einzelne Punkte in die Hand nehmen. Im Schweizer Racketlon ist Benjamin Gränicher momentan das Mass aller Dinge. Ohne eine Disziplin zu verlieren, setzte er sich im starken Teilnehmerfeld der Kategorie A durch. Patrick Lorenz sicherte sich mit einem Sieg über Nico Hobi den Finaleinzug. Letzterer musst sich im Spiel um Rang drei Olaf Huber geschlagen geben.
In der Kategorie B nutzte Roland Schmid seine Wildcard optimal mit einem hart erkämpften Turniersieg in einem äusserst ausgeglichenen Tableau. Platz zwei ging im B an Arno Graf, der im Halbfinal den drittplatzierten Danijel Batinic bezwang. Philipp Peter liess seinerseits in der Kategorie C nichts anbrennen. Obwohl er im Tischtennis immer als Verlierer vom Platz musste, spielte er insgesamt nur 13 Punkte Tennis. Simon Engler schaffte im C den Einzug in den Final, Rang drei ging an Zbigniew Strzepka. Die Kategorie D und das Frauentableau wurden von Jonathan Schoeffel bzw. von Dara Ladner dominiert. Das Podest vervollständigen Fabian Kull und Jan Fluri bzw. Ulyana Melnychuk und Sonia Bornand.
Die Schweizer Spielerinnen und Spieler zeigen sich rechtzeitig auf die WM in topform. Man darf gespannt auf ihr Abschneiden sein. Im September geht es national weiter mit Interclub (9.9.), der Open Series Allschwil (15.9.) und der Night Tour Lausanne (29.9.).
Beat Ladner

Nussloch - Take two

According to a well-known English polar climate scientist attending the Nussloch Racketlon tournament, climate change could cause warmer and wet weather in central Europe. All 13 Swiss players certainly can confirm the warm part of that statement after the weekend. Upon arrival they were told that the organizers decided not to put up a pool unlike the last few years. After the spontaneous protests almost morphed into riots, the demand for a pool was met and the games could begin.

It was the second tournament in Nussloch this year after the double world champs in spring. On Friday champions league and doubles were due. The Swiss Army Knives 1 with captain Benjamin Gränicher could almost defend their third place from the first leg, coming in fourth at the end. Not bad for being seen as the weakest team by the expert panel. Swiss Army Knives 2 with Dara Ladner as captain and Graham King as player were able to win at least their last match to end it with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Despite differences on who is supposed to play on which side on the tennis court, Esther Dübendorfer and Michael Strässle secured a silver medal.

In the singles category Benjamin Gränicher in the elite class secured another podium, beating his opponent 21-0 in squash for third place. Oli Bühler managed a notable first round win also in the elite class. Esther Dübendorfer dominated the women’s B and Tanja Omlin came in at fourth place. Graham King, as always and despite eye problems, marched throught the field into the final in men’s +50 for a silver medal. Also attending (some more than others) were Simon Engler, Arno Graf, Leonard Ladner, Beat Ladner, Christian Schäfer, Lukas Spring. For the very attentive reader one name might be missing, but it is he, who must not be named (on his wish).

Benjamin Gränicher

Sweltering heat at Latvian Open

A couple of brave Swiss souls have been to the third Latvian Open in Riga. Medals for Swiss? Not really. But with half of the games won, that was already a success for the seniors Marc-André Rauber and the non wastable Graham King. And as the Latvians had no cooling system, squash was quite hotly to play! But the playing conditions were excellent nevertheless and the tournament was well organised; Zigmars took care of everything (even of a win for Marc after a 21-3 handicap after table tennis in the +50 category). Manfred Grab, who joind the small Swiss delegation from Kloten on Thursday, unfortunately had to quit playing after the matches on Friday due to a foot injury (so no more doubles with Graham on Saturday). Graham and Marc stayed at a hotel just 200 meters away from the sports venue, that was perfect.

Graham and Marc had registered for 3 categories each, Graham had to play 9 games (1 not played because of Manfred's injury, 1 forfeited as Graham was already at the airport at the time, and 1 ended during the badminton warm-up after his opponent Kimmo Pentanen from Finland retired with injury as well - just demonstrating once again how dangerous Graham can be on court! - 3  other games won and lost respectively), Marc played 9 games this weekend (winning 4 of them).

The Latvian Open will be back next July. Put it on your calendar as highly recommended!

Marc-André Rauber


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Aktuelle Rankings (1. Dezember 2019)

Herren Einzel
1. Benjamin Gränicher
2. Patrick Casanova-Lorenz
3. Christian Schäfer
4. Nico Hobi
5. Raphael Paglia
6. Nicolas Lenggenhager
7. Michael Strässle
8. Oliver Bühler
9. André Bandi
10. Cédric Junillon

Damen Einzel
1. Nicole Eisler
2. Valeria Pelosini
3. Adeline Kilchenmann

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